Reverend Laura Thomas, M.A., M.Div.

The Lower Mainland’s Premium House Blessing & Clearing Service

Rev Laura is an ordained Metaphysical Minister in the Lower Mainland licensed by British Columbia Vital Statistics to perform weddings. Her primary spiritual work is channeling, but along with weddings she is also available for spiritual counselling and holistic life coaching.

As a channel, Rev Laura communes daily with the Universal Mind via her spirit guide, YOWH.

Rev Laura uses her channeling abilities to download teachings and guidance from the Universal Mind and to bless and clear homes to uplift and nurture those who live there.

When it comes to working with the energy of living spaces, Rev Laura is a specialist.

I recommend house blessings and clearings especially when there is mental or physical illness, injury, fire, flood, robbery, bankruptcy, violence, death or divorce, or if there is discomfort caused by an unknown source.

Rev Laura

About Rev Laura’s house blessing and clearing service

She prefers not to be told the details of your situation before her arrival as she will consult with her guide while on site. After she is done, she will provide spiritual counselling and share any relevant messages she has received.

Her services take between 2 and 8 hours depending on the size of the property.

Clients do not participate until the debriefing at the end of the session.

She requires safe, quiet access to your home on the day of service. No dogs at home while she is there please. She is a dog owner herself and knows that these friendly creatures can be quite distracting when they want attention.

She starts outdoors by communing with any trees on the property and works her way inside where she will spend some time in meditation, channeling what is needed to support and nurture your home.

She only uses sage or incense by request as she is aware that many people have sensitivities to smells and smoke.

She works discretely and confidentially to bring peace, healing and positivity to your “base camp” which is how she thinks of a home. No matter how modest or opulent, the place where you lay your head at night is the basecamp from which you set out to tackle your personal Everest.

Pro bono services are available in the Lower Mainland for anyone who has low or no income and is living in any of the following situations: subsidized housing, care home, treatment centre, shelter, or homeless. Non-profit organizations are invited to book Laura to visit their clients at no cost.

Call 604-307-4971 for current rates and to book the optimal date

Contact note: If she is not servicing a home, Rev Laura is in sanctuary Monday to Friday 10 am to 2pm. She will respond to your call, text or email after 2 pm. She appreciates your understanding.

Does your home need an energy makeover? Would you like to bless and affirm a new chapter of your life?

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